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Sammamish River Diel pH and Dissolved Oxygen Study

The Sammamish River has recently been the focus of a number of water quality studies, primarily due to the use of the river by Endangered Species Act (ESA) listed species of salmon. A review of Sammamish River monitoring data has also led the Washington State Department of Ecology to identify water quality problems related to elevated levels of fecal coliform bacteria, temperature, and pH and reduced levels of dissolved oxygen in the river (Washington State Department of Ecology 2000 303(d) list of impaired waters). King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks (King County) is also currently developing hydrodynamic and water quality models of the river as part of the Sammamish-Washington Analysis and Modeling Program (SWAMP). One goal of this modeling effort is the simulation of diel (daily) temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), and pH dynamics in the river.

This study provided data to support the identification of dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature problems in the Sammamish River that affect uses of the river by aquatic life. The data will also support the development of water quality modeling tools that can be used to evaluate various management options proposed to mitigate the problems that have been identified.

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Sammamish River Diel pH and Dissolved Oxygen Study (2.1 MB)

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